Which is better: Evolve or Emsculpt?

Getting in shape and having an excellent posture and silhouette are the dream of every woman. I know it’s mine. I work out consistently and love finding non-invasive treatments to give me that extra boost. That certainly requires a lot of exercises, which need to be regular. However, with their busy everyday lives, not all women have the time for regular exercise. This reflects on the final look and the appearance of the body. That is why Body contouring treatments are becoming more and more popular -  because people find ways to better themselves without putting in the work. This is only my opinion, but I think treatments like this are like the cherry on top of the hard work or to help jump start your routines. It will take a good diet and being active to get the results you want.

Here are the two treatments that I tried and my thoughts about them.

What is EvolveX?

Evolve treatment is considered to be the first revolutionary platform that combines three different technologies. These technologies work on remodeling the skin by targeting the fat tissues and at the same time tone the muscles. As a treatment, it is customizable and hands-free. Evolve treatment works through a combination of radiofrequency energy, a tissue vacuum, and EMS. Additionally, the treatment supports and promotes collagen and elastin production, and reduces the appearance of cellulite and texture irregularities. The thermal effect goes to the deepest layers of the fat, delivering maximum results. It can be done on the abdomen, arms, flanks, hips, thighs, knees, and buttocks. Treatment takes about 45 mins and is so easy.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a body-contouring treatment that combines two procedures: fat removal and muscle toning. These two come together in one treatment that is non-surgical. The average time of one procedure is about 30 minutes. It uses electromagnetic energy that stimulates intense muscle contractions that leads to muscle toning. It can be used on the abs, arms, calves, and glutes. Several types of research have shown that Emsculpt produces around a 25% boost in muscle mass and 30% fat reduction, for 3 months.  As such, it is suitable for different body types. 

Which is better?

Both treatments are considered revolutionary body contouring treatments. However, in my opinion, EvolveX is better due to achieving more visible results than Emsculpt.