The founder, Mimi, has traveled all corners of the world with her girlfriends in hand. With all the swimwear brands out there, she wanted to create something inspired by the personalities of the amazing women in her life whom she calls her sisters. The women that have stood by her side through thick and thin, the ones that made her laugh, and who she know calls sisters. With her sisters, she went on adventures with while learning about different cultures.

Creating the Essential Collection as the foundation of Sole Notte with eco-friendly swimsuits that will be your go-to swimwear. Dropping limited designs celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes named after the strong women in Mimi's life. The brand will be driven by an adventurous spirit and attitude mixed with a bit of girly, edgy, eclectic vibes.

We carefully curate and support emerging designers from around the world, like Brazil and Colombia.

Will you join us as our girlfriend and take on the world with us?


Our Eco-Friendly Commitment

We produce most of our suits with recycled fabrics and packaging at Sole Notte. We choose our brands and manufacturers who make the same pledge to protect the environment.