Prismatic Plants

Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night


A Starter Kit from Prismatic Plants

These all-in-one formulas are made with organic adaptogens + full-spectrum hemp to promote total body healing.

Good Day AM Formula:

The adaptogens (Schisandra, Rhodiola, White Ginseng, Holy Basil) and hemp work together to help take off that stressful edge. The nootropic herbs (Bacopa, Rosemary, Lemon) assist in focus and mental clarity. This formula aids in soothing anxiety, and decreasing inflammation & brain fog.

Supports a calm yet energized focus throughout your day.

Formulated to help you to stay cool, calm, and focused

  • Aids in Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Supports Stress Relief
  • Energy Support
  • Brain Fog Support


Good Night PM Sleep Support Formula:

This nighttime formula is an all-in-one blend of calm promoting adaptogens and functional mushrooms (Ashwagandha, Reishi), nervines (Oatstraw and Skullcap), sleep-supporting herbs (Valerian, California Poppy,), and organic full-spectrum hemp to help soothe an anxious mind and encourage deep sleep.

Supports deep sound sleep without any AM grogginess.

Formulated to help you to relax & restore.*

  • Promotes Deep Sleep with No Morning Grogginess
  • Aids in Stress Relief
  • Immunity Support
  • Adrenal Support
Crafted with Care

Prismatic Plants is crafted with the wisdom of Master Herbalists, Ph.D. Chemists, and experts in cannabis. Every herbal ingredient is certified organic and our hemp is grown organically. All of our ingredients go through comprehensive testing to backup safety and efficacy throughout the manufacturing process. Our products are free of heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

Gentle on Mother Earth

We built this product to be good for people, and gentle on the planet. Our extraction process uses zero fossil fuels, and our supply chain partners are based in the U.S. for reduced shipping emissions. Our packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and recyclable. We are proud members of Floret Coalition and give 1% of profits to organizations focused on women’s health and social equity in the cannabis industry. Learn more about the organizations we support on our FAQ page.

Everyone’s physiology is different. Start with our recommended dose and increase or decrease as needed. For best results, take Good Day in the morning or at the onset of stress, and take Good Night 30 min before bedtime.

For those familiar with CBD, take 1 ml or 1 dropperful under tongue for best effect. Increase 1–2x for a stronger effect.

For CBD newbies, start slow with 5 drops under tongue. Wait 30 mins. If you feel no major change, add 0.5 ml (1/2 a dropper).

If taste is too strong for your liking, try diluting in water, juice or a warm latte.

Strength: Good Day: 10mg CBD, 3mg CBDa per serving Good Night: 10mg CBD, 0.3mg CBN per serving

Taste: Good Day: Herbaceous with notes of ginseng, rosemary and lemon Good Night: Herbaceous with notes of valerian and lavender

Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night
Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night
Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night
Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night
Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night
Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night
Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night
Mini Set: Starter Kit For Day & Night

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