Digital Detox Bath Soak


Disconnect from technology. The average person spends around 11 hours each day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with media. That means we spend most of our "awake" time in some kind of digital space. But, what if you just gave yourself an hour with no screens, no IGTVs, no texts, no zoom calls, no scrolls. Now imagine spending that time in a hot bath, with our Digital Detox soak. Now, you have set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. Mind, body, soul.


  • Unscented and extra gentle
  • Reset your mind & body
  • Release tension & stress
  • Rehydrate & remineralize your skin
  • A better night’s rest - Natural Sleep Aid

How it Works

  • Disconnect — and put your devices in airplane mode.
  • Hydrate — throughout your experience by drinking water.
  • Pour — entire contents of bag into hot bath.
  • Optional - reserve a small amount of clay for a face or body mask.
  • Soak — in a tub for 20-30 minutes of pure restoration.
  • Sweat & Rest — under a blanket or robe as your body continues to detoxify through perspiration.
Sodium Chloride French Grey Sea Salt:

replenishes electrolytes, supplies eighty-two trace minerals, may improve circulation, hand-harvested sustainably without refining, oven drying or using chemical additives, the farmers kinetic crystallization process intensifies the salt’s nutrients

Montmorillonite French Green Clay:

draws out impurities and toxins through the skin, alkalizes, contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, copper and selenium, dissolves easily in water

Our Philosophy

At pursoma, we strongly believe that modern-day wellness is dependent on digital detox, separating ourselves from draining technology, especially in the sanctuary spaces of our bathrooms and bedrooms.

Pursoma’s soaks and body treatments are intentionally designed to facilitate respites from the devices that infuse us with anxiety, insomnia, and harmful chemicals. Our products are made from the cleanest, most sustainable ingredients that detoxify, calm anxiety, and promote higher-quality sleep.

Digital Detox Bath Soak
Digital Detox Bath Soak
Digital Detox Bath Soak
Digital Detox Bath Soak
Digital Detox Bath Soak
Digital Detox Bath Soak
Digital Detox Bath Soak
Digital Detox Bath Soak

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